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Niall Horan’s Bio

Name : Niall James Horan 

Twitter : @NiallOfficial

Age : 18

Birthday : September 13, 1993

Zodiac Sign : Virgo

Home Town : Mullingar, Ireland

Favorite Movie : Grease

Celebrity Crush : Cheryl Cole

Man Crush : Michael Buble

Turn ons : Hot pants, being funny and farting

Turn offs : Disney movies and granny cardigans

Relationship Status : Single

Niall is the only guy in the band that is not from England. He says that he is a loyal and faithful boyfriend. His perfect girl is someone who can take some banter. He loves to fart and eat. Niall bought his mom a car with the money he has earned. Niall has a Nando’s black card that gives him free food there, it is only available to celebrities. His favorite song off their album Up All Night is One Thing. 

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